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Sharpening Blades, Knives, Saws, Drills, Shears, and More

When we say, "Yeah, we can sharpen that" we mean it. Our sharpening experts are trained and experienced in restoring your dull tools back to their former glory. If you don't see your tool in the list below, please call us or use the contact form to send us some information on what you are looking to have sharpened.

You can use the lists below to locate the tool you are looking to have sharpened by the industry the tool is used in or locate sharpening by the type of blade that is on the tool. You can also feel free to use our sharpening service search engine to easily locate the type of sharpening service you are in need of. Finally, you can always feel free to call us or use the contact form below and we will be glad to help. Our goal is to make sharpening your tools as easy as possible so you can get back to the work you love.

Sharpening Services by Industry

Sharpening Services by Material

Sharpening Services by Type


None running right now but check back often!